Passages Malibu Secrets Revealed

Passages Malibu rehab center was marketed as a premium medical facility where VIP and wealthy individuals can become alcohol or drug free in as little as 30 days. The famous rehab facility is located on the beautiful and breathtaking Malibu shores in a quiet residential location. It has provided rehabilitation services for famous VIP drug or alcohol addicts through their unique approach to addiction treatment. The main feature of Passages Malibu treatment is the strategy they adopt when assessing and managing a patient who abuses drugs or alcohol. Unlike the popular medical belief, they do not treat alcohol or drug abuse as a disease, but rather as a temporary brain imbalance or merely a behavioral problem that can be easily corrected at their premium rehab center. They have been charging at least double for their 30-day addiction treatment plan when compared to similar rehabilitation facilities, which amounts close to $90,000. However, recently, they have been closely monitored and investigated by the authorities following numerous complaints from Malibu residents and some opinions voiced by former patients.

Passages Malibu is Becoming A Celebrity Refuge Rather Than A Standard Rehab Facility

From the first days of its operation, Passages Malibu has started to disturb the peace of the local residents. The facility is located in a normally quiet residential area. However, the patients who come to Passages Malibu for VIP rehab treatment are accompanied by numerous cars and escort, which are slowly transforming a quiet neighbuorhood of Malibu into a noisy and busy area, disturbing the peaceful inhabitants. Moreover, a lawsuit has been filed against Passages Malibu and its founders for fraudulent activity that involve illicit manipulation of licensing laws. It appears they have been utilizing fake single-home addresses to register new facilities as they continue to buy property to expand their huge campus. It is against state laws, which do not allow such fraudulent legal maneuvers for licensing rehab centers. Moreover, it is illegal to open a rehab center housing more than seven patients at an address of a single family home. The Malibu residents are determined to take all the legal steps necessary to restore the peace in their neighborhood, which has been transformed into a busy, noisy business area.

Passages Malibu Lawsuit Information

There are many different rehab centres across the world, especially in California. Whilst they vary in the types of addiction they treat, most of them follow the same 12-step plan. Passages Malibu, however, claims to use a method that is better than the 12-step program.

There are many people in this world who have been helped by the 12-step program, whether it was help for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or gambling addiction. A lot of these ex-patients disagree with there being any better path. The path they have taken had been used by many before them, and had a high success rate.

There are others, however, who get disheartened by the idea of 12-steps. Some of them will have tried it before and had no success, whilst others have simply heard horror stories about rebound rates. For these addicts, the idea of a rehab centre that uses different techniques can, quite literally, be a life-saver.

Like all rehab centres, Passages Malibu has had its share of publicity. Some of it is good, but it tends to be the bad press that people remember the most. Because of this, there is quite a lot of Passages Malibu lawsuit information on the internet, which can be found by a simple search.One example of a lawsuit that made the front page, is that undertaken by Garfield Logan. Logan paid $42,000 to start a month-long stint in the rehab centre, but was expelled after only five days. The reasoning behind the lawsuit was that he wanted his money back – he had paid for the full month, and only received five days of service.

The real question is whether the Passages Malibu lawsuit information you find on the internet should discourage you from signing up to the centre. What you really need to do is take a look at both the good and the bad press, and weigh them up against each other. Consider what you want to get out of the rehabilitation process, and whether the bad press is something that could possibly happen to you.

Passages Malibu Address and Contact for Addiction Treatment

Check out Passages Malibu Contact and Address, Email of Pax Prentiss and Reception Phone Number etc.

Addiction can be a very devastating situation to deal with. Making that first contact is the most important step no matter if it is yourself, or a loved one, that is in need of help. Passages Malibu is a professional rehabilitation unit. Specializing in detox of drugs and alcohol as well as rehabilitation of both they experienced staff is ready to help you today.

Their staff is ready for your call at (888) 753-1352 and an admissions coordinator will provide:- Friendly and helpful service to answer all of your questions you may have- Knowledgable coordinators that have experience with every type of addiction you are calling about- Free screenings with experienced staff that is private, personal, and free- Answers about intervention services. You will need to let you intake coordinator know if you are interested in this
If you are feeling a little nervous about making the contact yourself, or are helping a friend, their website also offers the ability to fill out a confidential form and someone will contact you. You will need to fill out:- Your name, or the person that you feel is in need of help- Phone number that you can be reached at- Email address you can be contacted with- A brief description of how they can help you (This can be what addiction you are gathering information on, if you are looking to check someone in or simply looking for information, or even that you are contacting them for someone else that you entered the personal information for)
Addiction can be a very serious hinderance on someone’s life and there is no time like the present to start them on the path to a better life. Call or contact Passages Malibu today to start the healing process as soon as possible. You, or your loved ones, are guaranteed to appreciate the effort.

Passages Malibu Careers

Passages Malibu Careers

It is not that hard to apply for a job at Passages Malibu. Of course, you have to be qualified for the job post you are applying to in order to not waste your time. You can print your resume then walk in at the famous drug rehab center and they will certainly submit it to the human resources department. You must indicate the position you are applying for and make sure they are hiring for that job or else that would leave a bad impression on them. It is never good to not have a job since you won’t be earning any income. Passages Malibu is a nice place to work at since you would be meeting new people but some drug addicts will be entering the center all the time so you can expect them to demonstrate some unexplainable behavior. However, they should be forgive since they went through a lot already.

You will certainly get a good offer once you get through the initial interview and the final interview at Passages Malibu. The final interview will most likely be conducted by the owner of the drug rehab center and this person wants to make sure you understand what the company is all about since you are going to be representing them. You have to take the interviews seriously which means you have to be prepared for them by researching about the drug rehab center and the position you are applying for. They usually hire admin assistants and therapists at the drug rehab center in order to take care of the patients there. It is not going to be easy to get into the rehab center as an employee since they have been around for a long time which means they carefully screen all the applicants that come in.

Passages Malibu Program Overview

The following blog is about Passages Malibu Program Overview and its special features including pricing, accommodation and much more.

Passages Malibu was founded in the year 2001 by a businessman from Los Angeles named Chris Prentiss. He was seeking to deliver his son from alcohol, cocaine and heroin addiction. Finally, thwarted by the caliber of treatment programs that were in existence, he resorted to opening his own program. That is how Passages Malibu came into existence.

Contrary to most rehabs, this program is not a twelve- step based program. It does not concur with the concept of disease pertaining addiction entirely. Instead, it believes that people abuse alcohol and drugs due to a wide variety of ailments both in the mind and the body. It also believes that individualized therapies can be the ultimate solution to these problems.

The massive treatment team in Passages Malibu includes a family therapist, a primary therapist, hypnotherapists, life purpose coach, spiritualists, nutritionists, medical doctor who comes occasionally and physical trainers. Surprisingly, not all clients of Passages leave happily despite being subjected to individualized attention. Others however are fully contented and have even changed their careers to become therapists!

Surely, in terms of amenities everyone is in agreement that Passages takes the lead and others trail behind. On entry, every individual is given an attendant who will attend to their needs and complaints. There is also a very experienced chef who prepares delicious and nutritious meals to cater for the needs of each and every patient. Simply put, Passages Malibu is a place to be.

The surroundings of Passages are breathtaking. The house itself resembles a plush palace equipped with expensive furnishings. The place is always sparkling clean and this can be attributed to the presence of committed housekeepers who ceaselessly mop and clean the entire place. It is only is Passages where clients have full access to cell phones and computers and can use them any time they want. This however may not be the best strategy especially for starters who need close supervision. All in all, Palace is a place to be as has been attested and proved by those who have been there before. Take a step ahead and choose Passages Malibu.

Passages Malibu Scientology Exposed

Scientology is a religion which was first introduced by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. The religion centres around the principal of the supremacy of mankind and the importance which man can have through engaging in spiritual beliefs. In recent years, Scientology has been regarded as nothing more than a hierarchy cult. One of the features which has been most criticised, is the belief that drug addiction can be cured in an entirely holistic manner, through a method called NARCONON. The programme was developed by L. Ron Hubbard and is based on the principal that addiction is a disease. The programme also maintains that drugs are stored in the fatty tissues of the body, resulting in further addiction at a later stage. It claims that intense detox is the best and only way to get rid of drug addiction, something which has been widely criticised by qualified health professionals.

Passages Malibu, a rehabilitation centre based in Malibu, has recently come under criticism for the way in which it treats it’s patients. The complex is completely garish and grand in it’s decor and design, looking more like a palatial mansion than a rehab centre. The cost of attending the programmes are incredibly expensive, meaning that it is often frequented by celebrities and business people, many of whom have bought into the religious beliefs of Scientology Some conspiracy theorists believe that the centre has Scientology at the heart of the treatment methods, which involve painstaking detox without the use of any clinical medicine. The centre shares the belief that addictions is a disease, which is triggered by past life events and chemical imbalances. This has led to many people claiming that the centre is nothing more than a front for Scientology who want to peddle their beliefs to vulnerable and needy people. The association with supposed cults continues to appear in the media, as more claims and stories are exposed Of course, Pax Prentiss, who owns and manages the centre, has rubbished the claims and says that many have reaped the benefits of using the services of his centre. Recent blogs and articles, entitled Passages Malibu: Scientology Exposed, will do nothing to help support Prentiss’s arguement.

Passages Malibu Scam Reports Exposed

There are so many Passages Malibu Scams exposed online till date. But most of them claim to be true and some of them needs more information to review.

But Don’t miss to read their Negative Reviews collected online

Passages Malibu is a rehabilitation center where addiction can be permanently healed using a non-12 step addiction treatment philosophy. Unlike other rehabilitation centres, Passages Malibu doesn’t believe addiction is a disease but rather a habit caused by the use of drugs hence it can be treated. The addiction treatment methods used include acupressure and massages, acupuncture, adventure therapy, biochemical repair, physical fitness, chemical dependeny counseling, marriage and family therapy, nutrition counseling, tai chi, etc
One Passage Malibu scam report online is that the place is used for sexual harassment of the client. The complain is based on the fact that about $67000 is paid and you are made to stay there over a lengthy period. The place is filled with corrupt people, with Pax and Ring quoted as the ring leaders.
Secondly, another scam report is that the rehabilitation centre is expensive though whenever the patient is released they get worse than they were when taken in. One report claims that an alcoholic dad who was admitted to Passage Malibu came out and started taking alcohol the same day, stopped going to the workplace and eventually died in an accident.
Thirdly, officials and residents of Malibu say the rehab centres are more of a problem than a remedy, breaking lows with little oversight by the state-all under the motive of making lots of cash by bringing rich clients into the rehab.And they are coming up with a movement to get back the quiet oasis in the area. The residents claim that they have not received a dime the insurance money after they have been released. This insurance saga is about Passages Malibu and Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance.
Finally, there is a Passage Malibu scam report that claims whenever you go to the rehab, all you need is faith and $67000 a month although Chris and Pax said that is not expensive because they have the best doctors and that means they have to be paid well.

Why Passages Malibu is Expensive ?

When Forbes Magazine listed Passages Malibu as one of the most luxurious rehabs in America, a lot of people were flabbergasted at just how much it costs to get drug rehabilitation there. When you look at what it is they have to offer, it actually becomes quite clear that it takes quite a lot of money to do so. Below are some of the reasons why Passages Malibu is expensive.

One-on-One Therapy Sessions

Practically all drug rehab centers will advertise about how they offer one-on-one therapy sessions but no one else does it quite like this. Once you check-in to Passages Malibu, you are assigned a team of ten highly trained health care professionals. This includes various specialized doctors and psychologists right down to acupuncturists all giving you exclusive personal attention. When you consider what an hour’s consultation fee is with any one health professional, what Passages Malibu charges no longer seems so absurd.

The Facilities

One quick tour of Passages Malibu and your jaws will drop from what they have in store for clients. They understand that to be rehabilitated, it is not only important to focus on curing the addiction but rather the entire mind, body and soul. They have a gym, tennis court, infinity pools, health spas and to crown it all off, resort gorgeous ocean views. Even the meals provided are made by 5-star-hotel-level professional chefs. These all cost a pretty penny.

High Success Rate in Rehabilitation

Last but definitely not least, Passages Malibu has a very high record of rehabilitation success with their clients. A majority of the clients hardly ever relapse once they have finished their program at Passages. This has made them one of the most sort-after rehabilitation facilities in America. With more demand comes the need for constant improvement to stay the best at what you do. This once again can only be achieved with the necessary funds.

Passages Malibu Commercials

There are so many Passages Commercials released till now and almost everything is unique and suggests about the patients to join the drug rehab program and also the alcohol addiction treatment centers. But how far these benefited the users and what are the real advantages and also dis advantages of this advertisements. Check out below.

A person should check out commercials to look at how a person can sell a rehab center In 2011, Passages Malibu did a commercial and a person might believe that it is a resort instead of a rehab center. The commercial starts with a gate opening a to reveal a nice-looking mansion with trees swaying in the wind. One image shows a woman doing weights and another image shows a woman taking a message. There are two images that show that it might actually be a rehab center. A doctor is shown talking to a woman in one image and two women hugging each other in front of another woman who is probably their therapist. Pax Prentiss, a co-founder of Passages Malibu, appears to say that this is a twelve-step program. He also admits the he was an addict. This should tell a person that this is a rehab center and from the images, it is a very pleasant place to be.There was another commercial from Maliibu and it shows almost the same images as above. The only image that is different is that it shows a woman exercising. Again, the commercial ends with Mr. Prentiss. This time Prentiss is trying to sell that he co-wrote about education. He gives the viewer a 1-800 number to order the book. One person,who did check out Passages Malibu commercials,, did a posting on the website at His hatred is not for the commercials themselves. His hatred is reserved for Mt. Prentiss. He or she does not consider that Mr. Prentiss is no longer an addict. His belief is that an addict is always an addict and that an addict cannot change. The commercials do seem professionally made a person should out Passages Malibu to see how a person can sell rehab centers to the public.

Passages Malibu is a Joke

Is Passages Malibu a Joke ? Check out the article below for more details about this luxury rehab center.

The founders of Passages Malibu claim that they have found a new method to treat alcohol and drug abuse through a gentle approach in a serene, peaceful environment on the beautiful shores of Malibu. The facility is located in a peaceful residential area where inhabitants are not used to intense traffic or commercial activities. The staff at Passages Malibu base their treatment strategy on the concept that drug addiction is not a disease, which contrasts to the mainstream medical view of the alcohol or drub abuse problem. Passages Malibu is a rehab center that aims to provide premium quality treatment for wealthy alcohol or drug addicts. They require an upfront payment that may range between $30,000 and $80,000, depending on the duration of the implemented therapy. Recently, however, the staff of Passages Malibu has been under investigation conducted by Malibu authorities following several complaints from local residents and several scammed patients.

Passages Malibu Don’t Issue Refunds for Patients Who Leave Early or Refuse to Continue Treatment

The first alarming sign that Passages Malibu is a joke rather than a professional rehab center consisted in their refusal to issue refunds to several patients who have chosen to abandon treatment. This policy is against the normal practice of rehab centers, which usually offer refunds for the services that were not provided due to an early leave. Moreover, Passages Malibu is focused on treating celebrities and wealthy clients, which is why the peaceful residents are continuously disturbed by intense traffic and noise caused by numerous cars and personnel escorting the celebrities to the rehab facility. The residents have filed a lawsuit and Malibu authorities are determined to investigate these complaints. It is possible, however, that Passages Malibu is involved in a “dirty” licensing business. They have managed to obtain licenses for several new facilities in a fraudulent manner by registering them to fake addresses. Another problem found by the authorities consists in the intention of this rehab center to provide medical services since their staff includes several psychiatrists and physicians, which is prohibited by law under current rehab licensing requirements.